Stara Planina – The Old Mountain

Mountain Stara PlaninaThe Old Mountain –
“Stara  Planina”
Latitude: 43° 15′ 0″ N
Longitude: 23° 0′ 0″ E



Old Mountain – Stara planina, is an extension of the Carpathian mountain  range. Stara Planina is separated from it by the Danube River. The highest peak of the Stara planina is Botev (2,376 m), located in the Bulgaria.

Planina StaraWest Stara Planina – The West Stara Planina mountains are situated on the border between Serbia and Bulgaria. Stara Planina is known for its biological diversity. In Serbia, a nature park has been established which comprises the whole territory of the mountain.

Central Stara Planina – Central Stara Planina starts from the Zlatishki pass and ends at the pass Vratnik. This is the most attractive part. There are 24 peaks. Some of them : Ambaritsa, Golyam Kupen, Vejen, Malak Kupen.

Stara PlaninaThere are also the Troyan Monastery, the Kilifarevo Monastery, the National Park Central Balkan, the Kapinovski Monastery…

EASTERN STARA PLANINA – Eastern Stara Planina starts from the Vratnik pass and ends at the Black Sea. The Sliven mountain deserves mentioning that it is the most visited part of the whole of Stara Planina.


Mountain Stara Planina is the highest mountain in southeastern Serbia. It is located some 70 km from the Nis, 300 km from Beograd, 50 km from the citiy of Pirot. Midzor is the highest peak.